Custom Homes

We all have different visions for our homes. From the choice of colours, fittings, number of rooms and ceiling height, your dream home may be different from what others want. Our goal here at Doon Homes is to help you build the home that you envision.


The Art of Creating Custom Homes


Doon Homes is dedicated to creating the home of your dreams.


The process starts with planning the design with you. Knowing the importance of flexibility in every project, we capture every minute detail of your preferences and specifications. We then set the budget, making sure that we build in accordance to your requirements.


Surveying your chosen residential land is also a necessity. By doing so, we can identify any concerns or potential issues in relation to the home design and layout you have specified. Securing the paperwork is also a must, and we will be there to help you every step of the way.


When it comes to choosing building materials, we only work with the best tools and materials to guarantee that you get your money’s worth and that your investment is protected. We envision a home that will last you for years!


Homes That Make A Difference

Who wouldn’t dream of having a beautiful home? Here at Doon Homes, we focus on quality and we love knowing that with every custom home that we build, we realise dreams.


We’ve been helping individuals, couples and families accomplish one of their life goals, and that is to create the house of their dreams. We make sure that each house we turn over is worth all of the time and money that our clients have invested.

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